greenscreen dance promotionals

Carnival - Gail Davies - Choreographer/Producer


Daryl Wagner as Liberace - A great "show biz" promo featuring an ultra talented entertainer.



A 3 camera edited shoot with live 24 track sound recording.


Colours - Gail Davies - Choreographer/Producer


Ultra talented Steve Lippia in one of his many Sinatra shows featuring a live orchestra


A young, hip and trendy Japanese Magician/Illusionist who has already won numerous awards.


Green screen video with simple black backdrop

Indy - G2S

Ginsu knife spoof commercial


Young Frankenslot


Mr. Balloni - Armando Cacini




Gail Davies - Director/Choreographer


Hans Klok - Las Vegas


Terrible Herbst



Beat The Bandits


Doug Cox - presenter


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